In Old Viennese, Hallamasch stands for a good mix!

For tourism-, sports-, brand & eventmarketing know how and operations hallamasch is one of the most sought-after industry-serving agencies in Europe and beyond.

Our services:

Operations (event, sports- & tourism marketing, planning and organization). Feel free to browse our website and download our project folder.

Knowhow Transfer (educational programs, courses, seminars)

International Consulting (professional consultation in the planning and implementation process)

Hallamasch is currently working international in all 27 countries of the European Union as well as in Canada, the US, Turkey, Central Asia and will soon be opening up in Sao Paulo, Brasil. 

Note: In Q2 2012 we are updating our English Website Version technically. You may find different sections void for a limited time period. Please switch to the German website version.