Facts & Figures

Hallamasch CAE was founded in 1998 by Andreas Hladky. The company is owner-managed and achieved sales growth of 37% p.a. within a short time to get among the top event agencies in the country.

The term hallamasch was originally the name of a traditional Hungarian dance and was adopted into Viennese at the turn of the century, but then fell into disuse. The Hallamasch Festival of the City of Vienna in the years 1997 to 2002 made the name known again in Austria.

The team of Hallamasch CAE regularly teaches at colleges, universities and external institutions. For companies specialized teaching units, advanced and detailed courses on different topics are developed and offered. In doing so, Hallamasch CAE draws on its own lecturers and, if necessary, external lecturers from partner companies. The course units can take place either in-house or at the client’s location around the world.


Customers about us:

Mag. Mariella Klement-Kapeller, Austrian National Tourist Office

"Not only your perfect organisation but also the professionality of your staff has contributed to this amazing event"

Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna

"The City of Vienna, the Chamber of Commerce and the Vienna Convention Bureau express their appreciation for the successful meeting 12th IFEA Europe Convention".

Gerda Strass-Hortwig, External Affairs Manager MARS Austria

"On the occasion of Masterfoods Austria’s company anniversary we wanted to arrange an event for our long-time business partners. hallamasch already stood out at the commissioning process with great ideas and due to their well-balanced combination of creativity, common sense and cost consciousness they continued to be ahead of their competitors. Our guests praised this harmonious evening and I – as organiser – could rely on the employees of hallamasch every single minute".




All project managers at Hallamasch CAE have an average of 9.5 years of professional experience in all areas of event marketing. In addition, an experienced team of external experts can be utilized to handle customer projects from areas as diverse as construction, commerce, industry or tourism. Hallamasch CAE employs up to 250 people for major events.

The agency's international creative network comprises more than 600 project managers in 70 countries. Together, everyone contributes to finding truly innovative answers to the increasingly complex needs of customers.



Hallamasch CAE works according to internationally standardized project management criteria. For complex projects such as major events or communication campaigns a transparent communication system with numerous tools (such as start-up, cost planning, controlling and project completion) will implemented.

These project management tools form an essential part of the cooperation and guarantee the client ongoing performance control.


Hallamasch CAE will provide you with a reliable and trusted project manager from the beginning of each project. While the work is done in the background, you can search our Virtual Project Newsroom for relevant documentation, plans, budgets, logs, or designs.

Regardless of size or the number of providers involved: Hallamasch CAE assumes full project responsibility right from the start.